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Various BT Sport issues

Hi all,


Looking for some assistance because BT Sport live chat is never available.

Having issues with watching BT Sport consistently on web, they (quite insanely) did away with the PC app where it worked perfectly, but within any browser (firefox, chrome, even edge) the 'watch' page barely loads, firefox tells me the page is taking too long to load and I should close the tab to speed my browser back up. When it does eventually decide to load, probaly 1/10 times, often the games do not work.

Sometimes the game is purple screen, such as for the entirety of the Borussia Dortmund v Chelsea game Wednesday night, the same is still happening today on Sunday for the PSG game.

If the game does decide to work the image constantly freezes while audio continues to play.

In the help guide it says you need 8mb to watch HD and my pc is currently running at 16mb (still not fab, thanks London) so I have double the stated amount of mb and should be having no problems + I am using the standard player, not the enhanced one.

I have no problems with any other streaming service including Sky Go, Netflix, NBA League Pass, it's only BT Sport on web browser, I cannot understand why they would do away with the app when it was the only bloomin' thing that actually worked!

Replays also an issue, page barely loads and routinely goes to a black screen and have to reload the page to get it working again.

The same issues also occur on Macbook running the latest OS + firefox and safari browsers but intermittently works a little better, the main issue is the PC. The BT Sport app for ipad works seamlessly. Cannot understand why the browser experience is so extremely poor across the board, I cancelled my account last year for these reasons and hoped theyd be fixed by now especially with the price hike! Livid.

Screenshots linked here as I cannot get the filesizes small enough to upload directly -


Would appreciate any help that can be offered, really fed up especially with live chat also never showing as available. What's the point?

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Re: Various BT Sport issues

The Windows app was removed because it would have stopped working by now. The whole of BT is in the process of a massive security update, and the Windows app couldn't be updated - it was years out of date, and no longer supported.

Looking at the logs from your account, your PC/Mac are  having serious connectivity issues with our services. They're failing to provide any logs or performance statistics, but I can see your play attempts.

Have you configured anything custom on your internet connection? Custom DNS? Internet traffic filtering? Your iPad is logging everything it should, but all attempts from your PC and Mac are being blocked by something. Possibly an overzealous browser plugin? Or antivirus/privacy app?

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