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discovery+ app BT TV

Everytime I access MotoGP practice and Fast Forward at x128 or x264 speeds through to what I want to watch the picture then just freezes and nothing happens, I then have to back out, of MotoGP, and start to play again where it then picks up from where it had previously frozen and plays as normal??

This is mildly annoying when trying to FF to access content for example an hour into a program.

Anyone else suffer this??

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Re: discovery+ app BT TV

I have had similar issues with different content on multiple devices.

Sadly Discovery+ is not a patch on the BT Sport app, it's cheap and shoddily put together. As they no longer control it, there is nothing BT can or will do, even if they give it to you for free.

You can report issues to Discovery+ from within the app or via the Help Centre: 

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