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"unable to find active BT sport subscription" after re-adding benefit through EE

I have BT Sport via an add-on to my EE mobile phone contract. This had been working perfectly for a long time.

As I was travelling abroad, I switched my add-on last month to overseas data, but have now switched back to BT Sport.

However, through BT Sport I keep getting the "Sorry - there's a problem. We're unable to find an active BT Sport subscription on this account" (ID003) error

I follow the steps linked to that error and then I get: "Sorry, We're unable to complete your request online. If you've already completed your BT ID registration you just need to download and log in to BT Sport app."

But when I log into the BT Sport app (and same on the website), I get the first error again.

How can I get out of this loop? (the email for my account is the same linked to this account for any devs)

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Re: "unable to find active BT sport subscription" after re-adding benefit through EE

Hmmm.  It's a strange one.

Normally when you stop the add-on, the BT Sport service remains on your profile in a ceased state.  Then when you add it on again, it gets re-enabled.

I can't find any evidence on your BT ID of there ever being an EE subscription for BT Sport - only an old subscription from when you used to be a BT customer.

The fix is the same either way though I'm afraid - EE need to resend the subscription to us.  It's not something we can update on the BT side - EE need to do all the work.

Give them a call, and they should be able to sort it quite quickly.

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