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Champions league and europa/ conference .

Bt Sport have secured the rights to 553 games of European football until 2027. 

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Re: Champions league and europa/ conference .

From 2024/25 (on a 3 year deal), BT and Amazon will split live coverage of the Champions League in the UK. Amazon have agreed a deal to show 17 first-pick Tuesday matches. The remaining 184 games of the soon-to-be expanded Champions League will be shown on BT.

BT will also continue showing both the Europa League and Europa Conference League.

The BBC will show Wednesday night highlights (of the Tuesday and Wednesday Champions League matches) from 2024 for at least three years. It doesn't look like the BBC will have highlights of any Thursday night Champions League games, 2024 being the first season there will be some overspill of Champions League games onto a Thursday night.

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Re: Champions league and europa/ conference .

Someone on The Digital Spy thread has referred to a couple of articles that have been published in France which give a clear indication that only the first round of Group games in the expanded Champions League from 2024/25 will have games on a Thursday.