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I have been with BT for many years even preceding the days of BT sport and was always happy with the service they provided and was really happy with the BT Sport side of it.
Since they have started to try and grow by using partners ie EE andTNT they have been nothing short of a nightmare.
I have had more internet outages than I’ve ever had on my WIFI one lasting several weeks, even though I told them what  the problem was.
There are so many different people from different parts of their organisation that they use to fix faults that I’ve had two visits from people who said they couldn’t  solve the problem as it wasn’t part of their skill set. 
As for the discovery+ app I don’t have too much to say. 
It’s absolutely terrible, awful. 
Haven’t read a single post that says anything good about it. 
BT had a silk purse, Champions League, but whoever made the deal with TNT has successfully turned it into a pigs ear. 
I think that the BT  TV box that I have is extremely good value for what you get as my package includes the NOW TV package and the TNT sport. 
I do however have another tv which has to use the app and also pay extra to use the app on mobile devices so they are back to the the same old problems. 
I have to say that for the first time I’m thinking of changing my supplier at the end of my contract. 
It may cost a bit more but seems to me a better idea than having the aggravation that I, and it seems like a lot of others  are experiencing. 
Hopefully BT will sort out their new partners by then. 

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Re: Discover+app

Hi @Tashi  you should not have to pay extra for the discovery+ app content on another device (assuming you are using the app rather than going via a third party such as Amazon Prime Video ) There would be potentially  an additional charge for Now Boost if you wanted to watch your Now subscription simultaenously on multiple devices.

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