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E4 Extra Channel 31 EPG data misiing

The EPG data for Ip channel 31 E4 Extra is showing no information today. This on BT Tv Pro Box and BT Tv App.

I would normally report EPG errors to Youview but now are directed here.

THere does need to be a process where such EPG issues can be notified,



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Re: E4 Extra Channel 31 EPG data misiing

You're right - I can see that it was missing for the entire of the 11th, but started working again on the 12th.
If you see it happen again, you're welcome to email me at and I'll raise an issue for it.
I'll also check if there's any known issue why the data was missing that day, and whether we already had any alarms raised for it.
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Re: E4 Extra Channel 31 EPG data misiing

Update: the data was missing from the entire Freeview platform - E4 failed to publish any TV schedule for that day, so all Freeview devices would have shown the guide as empty.

We have a monitor that tells us if data is missing from IP-only channels, so that we can chase the channel provider to fill the gaps.
For Freeview channels (including those channels we subsequently offer over IP), no-one owns the responsibility for that chasing.