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Eurosport now available ?

Hi all,

Hopefully I'm not going to alert BT to a mistake on their end which may ruin it for many viewers but Eurosport appears to have become available on my BT subscription.

I have the Big Entertainment package with the  £16 BT Sport add on.  As far as I know Eurosport is only available with Big Sport and VIP packages.

I'm hoping this is the fruit of the BT Discovery deal, can BT confirm that we are now getting Eurosport as part of our packages?

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Re: Eurosport now available ?

The Eurosport channels (both SD & HD) have also become available on our box. We have Entertainment with BT Sport and HD/UHD as two of our add-ons. However, the channels are still not available on BT Player on our box or on the app.

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Re: Eurosport now available ?

Ditto. BT Sport only subscription and Eurosport is now available on my Youview box, but NOT on BTTV app. Interesting though.

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Re: Eurosport now available ?

I set up a recording of the speedway on Eurosport 2 last night when I found that the channels had become available. I actually watched it live, but when I went to play back the recording it wasn’t available and it had only partially recorded anyway(Pro tv box issues?). I’ve just tried to watch it again and it does play back now but there’s no sound(due to a technical issue I’ve just discovered)I have a feeling that we are getting these channels as part of the Discovery JV, but it’s taking time for everything to be set up properly.

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Re: Eurosport now available ?

It has been added to my Sport only Box Pro service - but it is not in the BT Sport app.

The first three minutes of audio on the speedway was missing on all platforms.

Fibre 2 Unlimited using EE Smart Hub 2 with EE TV Box Pro (UHD/HDR) in IP mode.
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Re: Eurosport now available ?

On the BT Player website - both Eurosports have a flag indicating I need to upgrade to view them.

Yet all the subscription channels I don't have do not have this flag.

Perhaps @DarrenDev can explain what should be happening?

Fibre 2 Unlimited using EE Smart Hub 2 with EE TV Box Pro (UHD/HDR) in IP mode.
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Re: Eurosport now available ?

Looks like someone clicked a button a bit early.
An announcement will be made "soon" about changes to channels and subscriptions.
For now, just enjoy the unexpected early access. 🙂
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Re: Eurosport now available ?

This "soon" is kinda making me impatient lol. Been keeping a close eye on the community forum for over a month since early september for any updates / announcement.

On a serious note, i am hoping It will be available on the BT Sport Monthly pass App too.

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Re: Eurosport now available ?

No plans to add Eurosport to the BT Sport app, however it will be in the TV app, and access to the Discovery+ app is also coming soon too.
By "soon" I can only say things are coming in stages over the next 2-3 months. There's still a lot to do - connecting systems between 2 different very large companies is difficult and needs a lot of testing.
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Re: Eurosport now available ?

Excellent. I do hope we also get some guide channels from it too (as I know disc+ carries tlc, discovery and others) 

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