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New BT TV apps ?

Are we ever going to see new apps arriving to BT TV? Like YouTube , Disney , Apple TV etc. 

Sky seem to be always getting new ones, like for example the Amazon Music app just now, yet our BT boxes continue to stay stagnant with the same old apps.  

I’m considering ending the TV contract after my term ends of the box has no signs of improvement. 

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Re: New BT TV apps ?

The main issue with other apps is that Youview is an open platform and there's a lot of different devices out in the marketplace. This makes the commercial side and to a lesser extent, the technical side more difficult and less straight forward. 

YouTube is a particularly nasty one because Google insist on YouTube deep search integration with rentals etc being prioritised in searches over other platforms on the service. They also try pushing for a slice of all advertising revenue. They tried this with Roku last year and Roku just removed the YouTube app from all their streaming devices until Google backed down. A lot of times, the YouTube app available on Smart TVs etc doesn't show all YouTube content. 


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Re: New BT TV apps ?

You can upgrade your TV set up for little money so it has more apps and services than you can shake a stick at by adding a Chromecast dongle.
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Re: New BT TV apps ?

Well reading Youview Consultation on the proposal to Reorder Apps (January 2022) and a  Youview statement  in May   2022  published on their website II had hoped to see two specific apps added as Youview  assessed them alongside existing apps  and mentioned where they would be ordered in the list of apps. I can understand why one hasn't due to the establishment of the BT Sport joint venture . The other app mentioned  was YouTube. 

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Re: New BT TV apps ?

If you want more apps then its best to get the likes of the Amazon Firestick.

Cant see Youview/BT adding much more apps but I could be wrong.

Love my Amazon Firesticks and use them most of the time for apps.

I cancelled BT TV just over 11 months ago and now get Now direct from them with discounts.

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Re: New BT TV apps ?

It's already public knowledge that BT products are moving over to EE - so e.g. BT TV is becoming EE TV. There's also the work with Discovery+, which logically means the app WILL appear on BT/EE TV boxes. So yes, new apps are coming. There's a chance that some of them may only come to the newer BT TV Pro box though, as it's capable of a lot more than the older boxes.

Announcements will be made in due course ... although it's likely that leaks will happen before then (not from me, so don't even ask).
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Re: New BT TV apps ?

The two glaring omissions, other than YouTube, are Disney+ and Apple TV+ which are both on Sky.

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Re: New BT TV apps ?

And next week/month/year the "glaring omissions" will be something else. In other words, we are still in the early boom years of online streaming services and new ones will come and old ones will go like confetti in the wind.
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Re: New BT TV apps ?

I disagree. If we were talking about new apps like Lionsgate+ or Paramount+ then fair enough, but:

-Discovery+ launched in 2020

-AppleTV+ launched in 2019

-Disney + launched in 2020

In the case of Discovery these apps replace Dplay and Disneylife respectively.

So BT TV / Youview is distinctly at lest 2 and a half years behind other platforms. I personally cannot wait for Discovery+ and sincerely hope as it becomes EE TV the many gaps are plugged! 


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Re: New BT TV apps ?

Are you also asking Apple and Disney why they have yet to make their offerings available to BT TV?   It takes two to tango.

(Discovery is a different kettle of fish as noted above)

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