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What can I still watch if cancel BTTV?

I have BTTV with:

- two UHD boxes

- Big Entertainment package with Now and BT Sports

I am changing internet providers (from BT to another) and am considering cancelling BTTV.

Assuming I get keep the two boxes, what will I actually lose?  We don’t watch anything on terrestrial TV which we can’t access through iplayer, Netflix, Amazon, ITV Hub.  All of which we access through the apps on the BTTV box.

So if I cancel can I:

- still access those apps through the boxes;

- where available, get UHD shows

- still get Freeview channels (not that we watch them a great deal)?

Apologies if this is a noddy question.


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Re: What can I still watch if cancel BTTV?

How old is your box for if you got your box from the end of 2019 onwards then you will have to send your box back to BT.

If you got your box before then it's yours to keep.

You will be able to watch all the Freeview channels. 
Apps like Netflix, Prime, BBCi Player, ITV Hub and UK TV Play will still work, As will All4 and My5.

After you cancel BT TV you could always to direct with Now for the TV and get discounts. That's what I did a few months ago. When I canceled BT TV.

You could also get an Amazon Firestick for your TVs that will give you a few extra apps.

I have had the 2 Amazon Firesticks  since last years d now use them a little more then the BT Youview boxes for the apps.

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Re: What can I still watch if cancel BTTV?

Thanks for this.  Much appreciated. And do you reckon the UHD capability in the Apps will continue?

Separately, yes, I could use the Smart elements of the TV to use apps directly (or a Firestick) but my sound system works better with an input from somewhere other than the TV.



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Re: What can I still watch if cancel BTTV?

Yes the UHD(4k) should still work on the likes of Prime app.

I use the Amazon Firestick only as my Samsung 2014 full HD smart TV in living room no longer supports the latest apps and I use Disney +.

Also TV in my bedroom is a Samsung 2013  full HD Smart TV and the apps on that stopped being updated back in 2016. 

Even the TV tuner on it no longer picks up some of the channels. So I use a BT Youview box for when I sometimes watch TV in my bedroom.

When You move to another ISP you will lose BT TV anyway.

If you want more TV. Like I said above its worth looking at maybe getting Now TV direct from them.


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Re: What can I still watch if cancel BTTV?

Well @antfosfosant  if you are actually changing internet providers away from BT you will be ceasing BTTV as it is provided on BT broadband  lines. So you will lose access to the  BT subscription channels in the EPG (TV guide . . Typically numbers  in range 300-554 ) and  recordings from those channels will not play as you would no longer have a subscription).

Freeview channels  received via your existing aerial connection and any recordings from those channels will continue to be accessible as will the range of  apps that the Youview box  model supports. Where your app  subscription was billed by BT , if you wish to continue to watch by that app then you would need to subscribe  directly. 

You could subscribe directly to the BT sport app irrespective of you ISP but the BT Youview boxes do not have a BT sport App so you would need to use an alternative device that has the BT Sport App.

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