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Re: Full fibre

Should some sort of PIA into Virgins network be made available by either decree of the regulator or by VM  offering a voluntary version of PIA ( on the same terms Openreach have to offer it ) then the cabinets wouldn’t be used anyway , the ducts , jointboxs and individual Toby boxes outside property may be useful , but in the same way Virgin can’t and don’t use Openreach aggregation nodes , splitter nodes , and CBT’s under PIA but do use physical access infrastructure , OR would just also link into the parts of the VM passive infrastructure, but short of some sort of Government intervention that’s never going to happen.

As far as Sky using VM infrastructure via Avonline , perhaps you can provide a link or some citations as some resent posts on Sky forum suggest that Sky don’t do this 

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Re: Full fibre


You might want to ask your neighbours if they are using virgin broadband, as where I live, they oversold connections and peak rate speed drops like a stone.



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Re: Full fibre

Thanks for that. Your in depth understanding of the situation sort of illustrates what I started off saying. I suppose putting simply what provider would you recommend to the ordinary domestic punter?

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Re: Full fibre

Its not permitted to discuss other providers on this BT forum.

Try a public forum like

Lots of opinions there.



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Re: Full fibre

Thanks for all of the input from everyone this afternoon Kieth.  Kind regards,  John

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Re: Full fibre


Only you will need to decide what's best for you after doing your research.

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Re: Full fibre


Right outside our house, on the pavement, they have been doing it for weeks now. The joint boxes are labelled as cable TV, and were installed by a company before VM took over the network.

They have coax/copper pair cables, feeding VM customers. Our next door neighbour removed the old VM cables a while back, and Avonline recently ran Fibre there instead.

Its the only infrastructure which is not DIG. (1980s build).

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Re: Full fibre

Thanks again Kieth,  

  It is becoming a case of information overload I think. I am far from happy with BT as, besides anything else they are so expensive, but the more that I read and the more info that I gather it just continually illustrates what a huge mess the whole situation is.

The one outstanding thing is that ALL of the providers offer appalling customer service.

There is no doubt that it has become yet another a cowboy/barrow-boy industry industry.


But once again Keith thank for all of you time and input.


                                           Kind regards,


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Re: Full fibre

I’m finding it difficult to see why you are ‘far from happy’ with BT ,  Virgin using Openreach PIA have a FTTP service available and have knocked in your door to ask if you are interested, that has nothing to do with BT , if the reason you are ‘far from happy’ is because BT haven’t done the same ( knocked on your door to offer FTTP ) , that’s because BT don’t install networks , Openreach do , and Openreach haven’t yet provided FTTP in your area , if Openreach don’t provide it , BT can’t offer it , so it’s possible you are ‘far from happy’ with Openreach , hopefully you realise BT and Openreach are not the same organisations .

If the ‘situation is a mess’ , what makes you think BT are responsible for that mess ? ,it’s not  BT that makes it possible for any communication provider  to use Openreach assets if they want , it’s not BT that licences other telecommunications providers to supply products, that’s the regulator Ofcom , so it’s strange you seem miffed at BT .

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Re: Full fibre

I suppose the answer is that BT never take the trouble to explain all that you have explained. Who is your provider?