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Unknown Caller claiming to be from Open Reach

Apologies if this is the wrong room, however i have a question to ask.

I have recently had a fault and logged this with BT who came out and fixed the issue.

Today i received a call on my works mobile from *********** claiming to be from Open reach wanting to arrange a visit to confirm everything was working.

Being the dubious and suspicious person I am, I firstly asked why they were calling me on my works number when BT have all of my details. She then tried to push this off and carried on asking me to arrange an appointment. I shut her down stating that firstly BT should be calling me on my personal number which they have on file and not a works number which they dont have. I then said that they should contact me either on that number or via email which again they have on file, to which she tried then to get my email address.

Again i pushed her off and refused to speak any further to her and told her that they should contact me via my email or personal number.


My query here is has anyone else had this recently and was it genuine?



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Re: Unknown Caller claiming to be from Open Reach

@clubsceneuk2 Hi Craig, thanks for posting, that's very suspect. 

You did the right thing by not cooperating, I don't believe it was Openreach who called you so I've removed the number from the community to ensure no one calls it in error as it is a working number. I'd recommend reporting the call on this link to help us fight the scammers.