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BT Pro Wi-Fi issues

Despite having a relatively trouble-free start with BT Pro, I'm now having regular issues with the box losing it's wi-fi connection and requires rebooting. The issue is indicated by the YV guide not appearing on start up. This is becoming increasingly annoying, as it's happening about every 2-3 days.

No other devices connecting to the same wi-fi router exhibit any connectivity issues whatsoever, this includes computers, phones, the TV and music streaming devices. I can see that the router has not disconnected and reconnected to the internet.

I also notice that live TV often jumps a few frames regularly which is annoying. I can only assume that the TV signal stream is being buffered, possibly as part of the recording functions, and glitches in some way. Nevertheless, this never happened with an older YV box.

Are there new buggy software updates occurring that are causing these issues?

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Re: BT Pro Wi-Fi issues

Hi @kiwid thanks for posting, I'm sorry to see you're experiencing issues with the wifi connection between your Hub and the BT TV box. The wifi connection needs to be good to ensure there are no issues like you're experiencing, the TV box connects on the 5Ghz wifi channel which is the best for speed but doesn't always have the best range. 

Here's some tips to improve the Wi-Fi signal:
  • Check the location - the TV Box will work best in an open and central location, so don't store it in cupboards, cabinets, or behind the TV. Also, don't stack other electrical equipment on top on the TV Box
  • Walls, floors and ceilings made of brick or stone, or that are foil insulated could reduce the signal between the TV Box to your Smart Hub
  • Position your TV Box away from other electrical devices and objects like aquariums or beer fridges, which can all interfere with the signal

Try to have the TV box within 5m of the Hub. Try to make sure there's only one wall, floor or ceiling between the TV box and Hub.

If these checks don't help I'd recommend an ethernet connection if possible. Alternatively, mini connectors or complete wifi discs can also be used to connect the box to your broadband.



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