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Celebrating 10 years of the BT Community

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Are you wondering about the new banner on our Community homepage and what it's all about?  Well, It’s 10 years since we launched the community – and what a 10 years it’s been. So a huge thank you to everyone who’s been a part of it, whether as a member or a visitor.

During those 10 years, we’ve had an incredible 1.2 million posts on nearly 150,000 different topics.

We’ve found solutions to more than 31,000 problems or questions – and those solutions have been viewed an incredible 78 million times.

And none of this would have been possible without you. Throughout the decade, more than 172,000 of you have joined us to ask a question, or to share your experiences and expertise by helping others.

It’s thanks to you that the community continues to thrive as a space for conversation, debate, and peer to peer support.

Of course, we owe an extra special thank you to our phenomenal community leaders. Our leaders are members who go above and beyond. They devote a lot of time and energy to helping members and making the community friendly, interesting and supportive place.

You’re a brilliant bunch, and it’s been a brilliant decade.

Here’s to the next 10 years!

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Re: Celebrating 10 years of the BT Community

There was a community here before this community was here - anyone remember what it was called?

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Re: Celebrating 10 years of the BT Community

I think you joined around the same time as myself, 10 or so years ago, when bt Internet became a serious contender to some previously established internet providers.

It all started with built in Wi-fi connections to pc’s, and faster broadband, as opposed to dial up, as I remember. I only remember USA Communities which set a trend. No names.

Perhaps others will know of an earlier BT Community.

Never looked back!!!

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Re: Celebrating 10 years of the BT Community

Hi @Dode, it was called the 'BT Beta Forum'

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Re: Celebrating 10 years of the BT Community

@NeilO  The 'BT Beta Forum' now that makes sense!  Thanks.

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Re: Celebrating 10 years of the BT Community


Happy 10 Year Anniversary!

Kind Regards
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