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4g download speed significantly lower than normal

For the past few weeks our 4g download speed has suddenly dropped from 50+mbps to sub 5mbps.

Our upload speed is unaffected by whatever is causing the download reduction, still >30mbps.  

We also still have great connection quality, the same as we did prior to the drop in speed.

Out of interest I also tested the 3g speeds and it was the same story, downloads much reduced while upload was the same as previously.  So whatever is causing the issue is apparently affecting both but only the download speeds?


I checked on BT/EE network checker and they say they have recently fixed an issue in my area however that has not changed our situation.


I wondered if there was any other way to get this checked or see if they are working on an issue so I know this problem will be resolved or is something they are at least aware of, as <5mbps download speeds are basically unusable for streaming videos while also affecting my productivity during the day.

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Re: 4g download speed significantly lower than normal

Been suffering same issue since mid June. Escalated fault to BT Network team who confirmed after a few weeks that issues/changes to nearest transmitter have caused a reduction from 35-40 gbps to less than 10. BT refusing to resolve and have simply offered to allow me to leave contract without cost. Added 4g mobile broadband last year because BT landline broadband was so poor - part of Universal service Obligation process. Service beyond poor - next stop Ombudsman & Ofcom. 

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