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ADMIN SeanD - Your Recent Response Does NOT Answer Our Questions!

SeanD - You have responded to questions from many of your users but you have completely missed the point!! None of us has the ability to run BT Cloud from our desktop after the recent update. We have all tried reinstalling the latest version but the desktop app fails to launch. In addition, you state that we can launch the web version to see our files; we can't!! When we launch the web version a message appears telling us that BT is "Experiencing Technical Difficulties". 

Your response does nothing to appease the thousands of people who are unable to access BT Cloud functionality. This situation is the fault of BT's latest update. This is a service that we pay for as part of our subscription.  

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Re: ADMIN SeanD - Your Recent Response Does NOT Answer Our Questions!

I totally agree.  ADMIN SeanD you seem to have little grasp of the chaos this update has caused for unsuspecting customers.  From what I've seen so far, the roll-out has been a complete disaster.  The cloud storage is one of the main reasons I have stuck with BT over recent years.  However from what I have seen so far this new version is unrecognisable.  I can only access the web version as the desktop version fails to install and so far I can get no help.  I have all my Cloud content set up in a folder structure, particularly a large number of photos taken over many years. As far as I can tell from what I've seen of the web portal, the folder structure has disappeared, making it well nigh impossible to navigate.  As often the case with BT, constructive help seems to be as easy to find as rocking horse droppings. This should be addressed proactively by proper communication from BT to ALL BT Cloud customers, with  a proper explanation of why this happened, with full apologies, compensation and a plan to restore some sort of semblance of order to the product. I have to say I'm not holding my breath...

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Re: ADMIN SeanD - Your Recent Response Does NOT Answer Our Questions!

Just a suggestion (this assumes you have retained one of the older versions of the desktop client).

Goto and download & install the free version.

Run (or at least try to run)the BT cloud uninstaller

Restart your machine

Whether the last step works or not, launch Ccleaner and run the registry cleaning tool

Restart your machine again

Revert to one of the older versions

Whatever you do, do not be tempted to shortcut the restarts, chances are it will fail if you do

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Re: ADMIN SeanD - Your Recent Response Does NOT Answer Our Questions!

Completely agree. I've wasted hours trying to recover BT Cloud after failed update two days ago and taking useless advice from several BT technicians.
On their advice I have tried to uninstall the version on my PC, using various uninstallers, and then re-install, but latest BT Cloud download says it cannot install.
I agree BT should email all users with constructive info & advice.
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Re: ADMIN SeanD - Your Recent Response Does NOT Answer Our Questions!


Some uninstallers are a complete joke, BT Virus Protect (AKA McAfee) is one of them. The problem has been known, without exaggeration, for years but do McAfee improve on it? no instead they develop a dedicated tool to complete the uninstallation (MCPR.exe).

Ccleaner will search the Windows registry for orphaned entries and remove them, you will then be able to attempt the installion again if that's what you want to do

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Re: ADMIN SeanD - Your Recent Response Does NOT Answer Our Questions!

Hi SeanD

here's your reply and my comments

Recent update to BT Cloud for Windows users

Hi everyone,

Since the recent upgrade for Windows users on BT Cloud, some customers have been in touch with us regarding the new software.

Firstly please be assured that all your existing data files are safely backed up in the cloud. You’re also able to view these in the web interface via this link, BT Cloud web interface

*** So in the web interface 'BT Cloud - my activity' clicking on the cloud icon it shows me the first few files of each folder that is backed up. A spreadsheet that I update every day however has '2 days ago' under the title. I then clicked on  'view more' all of yesterday and most of today it would then give me an error message 'we are experiencing some technical difficulties please try again later.' Then just now it worked and gave me a list of documents. It confirmed to me that my daily spreadsheet was last updated on 1st December so it is not backing up constantly. I just tried again now and we are back to the error message. 10 minutes ago I could see the first few of my backed up photos. That segment of the screen is now blank ***

It would appear that many of you are concerned that having installed the new software, there is no confirmation it has been successful. Confirmation can be seen by clicking the “Show More” icon in the System Tray then click on the cog icon

*** clicking on the show more (aka hidden icons) up arrow in the system tray revealed a white cloud. When I clicked it it opened a dialogue box showing me that syncing is paused (I don't sync) and also a cog which I clicked on which opened another dialogue box 'Backup and share folders' which didn't have all my previously selected folders that I back up so I added them back in. when that was done I re clicked on the system tray up arrow and noticed that the cloud was now black with a tick in it. Hovering over it it said 'all files synced' However as we know it hasn't synced some for 2 days ***  

Others have voiced concerns that the Cloud application ends up hidden in the system tray, with no shortcut to launch it. To access the new dashboard, you need to click the “Show More” icon in the System Tray then click on the BT Cloud icon

*** The previous dashboard was so much clearer and reassuring I could see the doughnut showing that a folder was being updated as I saved my spreadsheet so was reassured it had been *** 

We value your feedback and will be reviewing what we can do to improve things in the future

*** you could improve things in the future by rolling back to the previous version ***



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Re: ADMIN SeanD - Your Recent Response Does NOT Answer Our Questions!

Hi again SeanD

I just tried an experiment.

I updated my spreadsheet, saved it and closed it.

Waited a minute

The black cloud said all files synced

went to the web interface and downloaded the file 

It had not updated

I managed to get the 'view more' to work and that shows more information about each file and indeed my spreadsheet says in the 'Last Modified' column 1 Dec 2020 15:27:40

So I can only assume BT Cloud isn't backing up files currently



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Re: ADMIN SeanD - Your Recent Response Does NOT Answer Our Questions!

Hi Everyone,

I am so sorry for the problem you are experiencing with the recent BT Cloud update.  We are in touch with the BT Cloud team and we are highlighting the considerable feedback that everyone has all kindly posted.

The latest update from BT can be found from John's post on this thread, BT Cloud wont start.

I don't have any other info to share at the moment but when I do I will update the main thread.  

I am sorry if my thread, which I created earlier, has added further frustration, this was not my intention.  The purpose of this thread was to offer reassurance that any files within BT Cloud will still be there.  It appears that the update has gone a little smoother for some customer so we called out a few bits of advise we think may help.

That being said we are aware that there is work to be done and our Cloud team are on the case.

At this point, I will lock this thread from further comments.  The reason for this is so that all comments about the new BT Cloud software continue on this thread, BT Cloud Won't Start 



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