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Activation Delay. Am I being lied to?

Activation date was 6th July. Was told that the port was broken and open reach would fix it by the 8th. Rang on the 8th, was told engineer had finished and broadband would be active by midnight. Still nothing. Have noticed on here this is a common problem when it comes to activation...or is it? 

Is this a lie to keep paying customers waiting, have been billed already for services I cannot use, and potentially lied to twice. This is unacceptable and I won't be paying for a service I cannot use. Apologies for the rudeness but this is now costing me money to increased mobile data and my partner has gone 3 days with no working from home also costing us money. 

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Re: Activation Delay. Am I being lied to?

I have also had a delay in my enablement of BT Fibre (FTTP) which was originally scheduled for 29th June, was then scheduled for yesterday, and as far as I am aware has not happened as my IDNet FTTP service continues to work.

The only part that was delivered on time was a new phone line enablement.

The good news in this situation (for me anyway) is that BT have told me they will waive all costs until the fibre is enabled (call costs and line rental for phone and broadband).

I'm not sure whether I'll have to pay IDNet for longer, but at least BT are offering recompense for the delay.

I doubt you are being lied to 🙂



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