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Activation delay

Hi all,

I am posting here as my last resort.

We moved into a new build and were meant to have fibre broadband provided by Vodafone as we used them the last 4 years. Since they couldn't connect us before 22nd March and we are working from home, this was unacceptable so we asked when bt would be able to provide broadband and they promised within 24 hours. This was on 8th March. When I called on 10th they said it hasn't been cancelled properly by Vodafone but we double checked and even received cancellation confirmation so that's all sorted. Bt then re-ordered broadband for us and confirmed it would be activated on 12th. Again this didn't work. After hours on the phone with them checking serial number on fibre connection box etc they couldn't see what the problem was. They re-ordered for us again and said it would be activated by 16th. Yesterday we revived an email saying activation on 18th (no reason given) and I highly doubt it will work then. I am totally desperate as we are not getting paid time off work until this has been sorted (open WiFi and phone data won't work with my partners company laptop) and I believe there must be a problem that hasn't been identified that we can't connect and even their specialist advised they have no idea why it doesn't work. Please can someone help or had similar experience and what was the actual problem?

Many thanks

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Re: Activation delay

Can anyone help with this question re FTTP activation issues?

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Re: Activation delay

Only the FTTP team can do that.0800 587 4787

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