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Adsl activation

Hi all,

I just wanted to query.

line is activated, broadband activation is set for 11th April, but the e BT hub is syncing at the exchange?

Would this be a case of works is actually completed at exchange level and just need broadband activated on the account? I don’t understand why this has to wait to the 11th?



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Re: Adsl activation


For an ADSL connection, which comes from the exchange not the cabinet, its quite usual for the BT Home Home Hub to sync up, as the work in the exchange to provide service, would have included wiring in the ADSL equipment (DSLAM or MSAN). Its possible you may get a broadband connection, but normally it would not authenticate until the network configuration is complete.


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Re: Adsl activation

Thanks for that ,

that’s what I had assumed, the wiring side of things is completed hence getting sync.

Is it now possible for the broadband to activated on my account now so it will authenticate? Just wondering why it has to wait a long time when the exchange side of things is done ?



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Re: Adsl activation

The wiring would have been done in advance by an Openreach Frames Technician, however with the number of people now migrated onto FTTC, its quite possible the wiring was already in place from another migrated connection.

Its a very simply matter to change the phone number assigned to the EN (Equipment Number), as that is done remotely. There is likely to be changes on the local routing, depending on whether anyone else had a connection at your address before.

I would suspect that ADSL circuits are no longer broken down in the exchange when a customer upgrades, as it would make sense to do it that way.

All you can do is to see if you can actually get an Internet connection.

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Re: Adsl activation

I assume you must be in a location where FTTC is not available, as normally ADSL connections cannot be ordered when there is FTTC capacity?

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Re: Adsl activation

that is indeed correct, 

the exchange is enabled , but we are over 4km away so distance is the killer, so stuck with adsl unfortunately.

fibrus is installing fibre to the home  here in around 6 months lucky enough, so will be a godsend when it arrives 😊 luckily getting the broadband essentials with BT so not tied in and can move to fibrus later in the year, just a shame openreach never bothered to upgrade here 😒

so there is no way to get broadband activated on my account now so can authenticate?

I was only querying as plusnet done this for me last time in same situation and got the broadband going nearly two weeks early 😊


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Re: Adsl activation

Just a pain in the backside when I’m sitting synced up with equipment all here and having to wait another 12 days to authenticate 😊

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Re: Adsl activation

If you had Plusnet before, then that would explain the fact that the connection is active. There would normally be a 10 day delay between placing your order, and broadband being activated.

Did you simply move provider from Plusnet to BT Retail, and if so, did you simply pace your order with BT Retail, or did you cancel your Plusnet connection first?

If you cancelled first, then that would cause a delay, as the cease would have to be completed before BT Retail could take over the connection.

Normally you would place your order with BT Retail, and they would inform Plusnet they are taking over the line.


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Re: Adsl activation

Was with plusnet before, then moved to bt . 

The line was disconnected for some time not being used until now coming back to BT again.

So last isp in use with the line was BT.


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Re: Adsl activation

Is requesting the phone number be added to the EN remotely something that could be requested by the mods?

Unfortunately when you ring BT and try to explain, they have no idea what I’m talking  about 😂🙈

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