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Alibi Channel

My contract was running out soon so I contacted BT about renewing my tv package, my wife's favourite channel is Alibi and I mainly watch BT Sport so i was looking to stay on the Max 4k package i managed to order this through the website at no extra cost, however the transaction never completed, so I talked to someone through live chat who confirmed it had gone through ok and upgraded my broadband to Halo 3, a week later i receive an email from BT saying my TV package was due to expire so I contact BT they say the Max 4k package is no longer available and they can put me on the Now TV Entertainment package but i can still access Alibi through the app, I agree on this even though when i receive a document from BT it says I'm going to lose the Alibi channel, I query this and am told I can still access Alibi through the app. When my new package is activated i lose the Alibi channel. I phone BT to ask why I can't receive the Alibi channel anymore and am told i have been misinformed and my new package doesn't contain Alibi and I have been missold my new package. I got a months discount on my new package as compensation and am told that BT haven't renewed the rights to Alibi and Eurosport so I decide to keep the new package. I then discover that I can't watch any of the NOW TV channels in HD even though my package contains them and have it confirmed by BT. Tried everything including a factory reset lost all my wife's recordings and it still doesn't work. Waiting for a callback in the next week have received another compensation of a months HD channels as I can't watch them. The whole thing has been an absolute nightmare. I have looked on the internet and I can't find any mention anywhere of BT not renewing the rights for Alibi I am wondering if I have been misinformed again?

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Re: Alibi Channel

Anybody help me with this please? 

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Re: Alibi Channel

Looks like nobody knows i guess over 100 views and no replies

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Re: Alibi Channel

Hi @Steven3 

As far as I know, Alibi has never been available through Now TV and when BT launched their new Now TV packs it was clear that Alibi would not be available. Nor was it going to be available on the £10 Classic Entertainment pack, which I think was a token gesture of a pack for those  who didn't want to transfer to the Now TV packs.

You have to draw your own conclusions as to why you were told Alibi would be available. The same applied to Eurosport re Now TV, however it has now been added in to two of the Now TV packs but only via BT I think. I doubt that Alibi has the same subscriber attraction for BT that Eurosport does so I wouldn't be that hopeful of a deal being done.

As Alibi is part of UKTV, programming does tend to appear later on Drama.

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Re: Alibi Channel

Thanks for the reply @Andy005 I see eurosport is available on the highest bt tv packages but no mention of the Alibi channel will have to wait and see if it ever gets added to Now TV as the classic pack seems to be getting phased out will have to make do with whatever appears on Drama
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Re: Alibi Channel

Eurosport is not on NOW TV its just the same as AMC an added extra on the EPG if you take out a Now TV package with the HD add on.

Eurosport is part of the two dearest packages.

Hopefully some of this years Olympics if it still goes ahead will be shown on Quest. Even extended highlights on Quest would be better than nothing.

Glad the BBC still seem to have some sort of Olympic coverage.

For I not going to change to a sports package or the very dear VIP package just so I can get Eurosport. I cancelled BT Sport last year as I was not watching it enough and dont want Sky Sports.

Would like to see as said above Alibi added and maybe W.

We have AMC but think I have only maybe watched it twice since the end of last year.


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Re: Alibi Channel

@ney thanks for replying quite liked Eurosport for the snooker not on one of the highest packages so won't get that anymore, as for AMC hardly watch it shame I couldn't swap that for Alibi would be interesting to see how many people watch Alibi compared to AMC