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Alternatives to BT hub?

I have a BT smart hub type A which includes broadband and wifi in the same unit. I've been having a lot of dropout problems starting in September and 3 separate engineer visits haven't been able to resolve them. BT sent a new hub yesterday, but that's not fixed it. Even if this a noise problem, maybe a different brand of hub might behave better. Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced alternative to the smart hub that I could get easily (eg from Amazon)? I don't want to spend hundreds, but as BT are getting nowhere trying to fix my problems I'm looking for things I can try myself.

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Re: Alternatives to BT hub?


The TP Link TD-W9970 is one option. Locally from Argos, or via Amazon.

Price around £35. Only single band Wi-Fi.

It would prove whether it is a noise issue.


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Re: Alternatives to BT hub?


Have you actually tried a noise test - dial 17070 & option 2 - with a corded phone preferrably. There should be no sound whatsoever. If there is you report it as a phone line issue not mentioning broadband.

I'm guessing the engineers visits were broadband related.

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Re: Alternatives to BT hub?

Quiet line test is OK. All 3 inconclusive engineer visits were related to the ongoing broadband problems. I'm starting to think it might be an interference or impulse noise problem, which might only show up on a quiet line test if I was doing it at the moment the problem occurred. 

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