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Amazon Prime on BT TV Box

The Amazon Prime app for the Humax BT box is truly abysmal. The app so slow to respond to input and fast forwarding or rewinding is completely pot luck. Any advice to improve this would be appreciated. 

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Re: Amazon Prime on BT TV Box

Hi @JohnMcKenna  can you clarify which BT TV box  you are currently using  (if you are unsure pressing Help and the i(nfo) buttons on will give the model number).

Also do you have a current BT TV contract.


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Re: Amazon Prime on BT TV Box

True I'll find it ok on the t400 box but on my second box my my other box in the bedroom the t210000 boxs is the problem it loads so slow no rewind is slow halfway through the movie new booted out this is happening on my bedroom box my living room box is working perfectly with prime video so I got the same problem as you then
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Re: Amazon Prime on BT TV Box

Hi @zulu17, I'm using the T2100 and subscribed to BT TV. I had a T2110 for a while and the app seemed to work fine on that box. I think they are pretty much identical machines though, so was thinking it was maybe an update that has messed things up...

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Re: Amazon Prime on BT TV Box

Thanks @ken2222, glad I'm not the only one. Hopefully gets fixed in an update soon. 

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