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Avoiding the dreaded dynamic line management


After a quick bit of advice in order to avoid the dynamic line management and the slowing of speed.

There are going to be a few power outages for about a fortnight in a couple of weeks due to some council work so I want to avoid the line being identified for dynamic line management.

Was thinking that if I go onto the hub and change the status of the broadband connection status to disconnected - will that still mean the line signal is going into the smart hub and the line will not be identified as being faulty when the power outages occur?

Any idea how many or often the outages in a day need to occur for a dlm to be activated?



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Re: Avoiding the dreaded dynamic line management

If you know when the power cuts will be the best advice is to turn the BT hub off during that time.

There is no set number of disconnects that will cause DLM to take action on your line although it is more likely if there are a few repeated on/off disconnects in a short period of time as against one or two disconnects spread over a day.

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Re: Avoiding the dreaded dynamic line management

As long as there are not too many dropouts per day it shouldn't matter. The time between dropouts matter more than the overall number.  As an example 4 dropouts spaced more than an hour apart shouldn't have an effect more than that could have.

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