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BT 66 on neighbours property

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The BT66 box for my property is way over the other side of our semi's on my neighbours side drive wall, I have asked openreach to move it to my side of the boundary, but are unwilling to move it with charging - and what looks like could be a lot of money.

My cable runs across the roof fascia board and down the wall on my nieghbours side, no protection or even fixnig in places, its just looped round the drain pipe in places.

A newly created flat downstairs requires a new line. BT engineers have been twice to connect to the BT66, but have been unable to gain acccess as they state they cannot get permission.

I have experienced handy men cut through BT wires running up a wall, in an attempt to 'tidy' pu the wall before they put a coat of paint on, that property had 5 angry tenants without internet for a considerable time.

Are BT at liberty to provide the cabling in this manner, with the risk of disconnection and inability to gain access, leaving the service suspended for who knows how long.

Houses these days have interconnnected CCTV, IOT and various other devices that should have something better better than the current arrangement.


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Re: BT 66 on neighbours property

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Its Openreach that deal with the external network, not BT Retail, who run this forum.

If you want Openreach to re-locate their network, then you will have to pay for this. BT do not send engineer, they are from Openreach. You could complain to Openreach, but I cannot imagine they would be interested.

As this is a BT Retail Customer forum, and has nothing to do with Openreach, then forum members will not be able to assist.


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Re: BT 66 on neighbours property

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Ahh, ok thanks for the info.

Can't see that OpenReach have any forums (or phone numbers), independant forums do exist:

Any other suggestions appreciated.

I note BTOpenreach have a terrible review score of just 2.1 on Trust Pilot, quite damming:

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Re: BT 66 on neighbours property

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@bob4976have a look at Openreach - Altering our network and further down is :

How to contact us

Please fill in this form to tell us more and get a quote.

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Re: BT 66 on neighbours property

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You said the BT66b is on your Neighbours side of the Semi Detached yet go on to say  about a Flat Downstair.

I’m a bit confused, do you live in a block or flats or is it in fact a Semi Detached House where the one you live in has been converted into an upstairs and downstairs flat?


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