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BT App Issue

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I'm having an issue setting up the disc on the app. On the app I have to first connect my phone to the hub. My phone is connected to the hub via WiFi and the hub is blue, however there's an issue connecting my phone to the hub in the app. I'll attach a picture of the issue. To answer each question that pops up:

- Yes the hub is switched on.

- Yes the light on the hub is a solid blue.

- I restarted the hub twice and my phone once, but it still fails to connect in the app even though my phone is connected to the hub via WiFi.

Please can someone advise what I can do because I've tried everything I can think of.

Thank you.


BT Issue.jpg

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Re: BT App Issue

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This issue has since been resolved, with thanks to speaking to someone in BT on Twitter.

To fix it I had to uninstall and reinstall the app, then do a factory reset on the disc.

This issue can be marked as resolved.

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