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Re: BT Capping bandwidth to geforce now

@sgt4hed  The timeouts have nothing to do with the router/sh2. They are routers configured not to respong to ICMP requests which is normal.

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Re: BT Capping bandwidth to geforce now

if it's not the router at fault what can be done?
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Re: BT Capping bandwidth to geforce now

It could be one of the handoff centres (outside BT's network) that has a problem which your VPN avoids. It shouldn't last for long from BT's end but, if there is another handoff later that could cause problems which may take longer.


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Re: BT Capping bandwidth to geforce now

Nvidia are blocking use of VPN nowadays.

VPN blockedVPN blocked


the hops seem to be common denominator in GFN users reporting both issues with lower than expected bandwidth along with higher than expected packet loss coinciding with poor game performance.


Which are the same symptons described regarding another cloud service at


though no third party (winmtr,tracert or ping) network debugging was shared a solution was found at


and later in the discussion it was confirmed BT offer three options for customers to choose from; depending on their needs,  which are "standard", "stable" and "super stable".

Three Connection OptionsThree Connection Options


Now that VPN is blocked in GFN service is there any other way we can change the route to GFN server which removes hops?

Can "stable" or "super stable" connection options help GFN users and other cloud gaming service users resolve  packet loss, lower than expecetd bandwidth and other latency related issues like what has helped Shadow cloud gaming service users?


Are the "stable" and "super stable" options really just QoS profiles which optimise internet connection and internet traffic routing for highly variable UDP throughput used by cloud gaming services?

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Re: BT Capping bandwidth to geforce now

Issue still persists to this day. I just gave up with cloud gaming and bought a pc.


Luckily there will be a new ISP in my area soon providing FTTP at cheaper prices than BT’s regular 100mbps. Can not wait to no longer pay a penny to this company.

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Re: BT Capping bandwidth to geforce now

The problem isn't BT. It's the Geforce servers.

For some reason the default server you are connected to is often not the best one. It's usually congested

You need to go to the settings in the client and manually change the server to a different European one. That works for me and it's the difference between having a horrible gaming session or a great one.

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