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BT Cloud Desktop App

I am running a PC with Windows 10 and had BT Cloud Desktop working perfectly well until recently.

The BT Cloud Dashboard used to appear whenever I turned on my PC but stopped doing so for some unknown reason.

I decided (regretfully) to uninstall and then reinstall the Desktop App but now, whilst I can download the Application from the BT website (App file name - Setup-BTCloud-Production-20.6.1) it will NOT install.

When opening the App File (either normally or in Administrator mode) it suggests it is installing the app and reaches the Terms and Conditions page (for acceptance) but goes no further.

I have contacted the dedicated helpdesk and am awaiting an overdue call back but wondered if anyone has resolved this problem previously.

Thanks in anticipation


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Re: BT Cloud Desktop App

I'm surprised this Kr-App is still available for download, there is a known problem with the latest version and I'm sorry to say it sounds like you have fallen victim to it. It should have been taken off the website long ago.

See this 1100 strong post (and growing) thread for more details.

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