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BT Cloud - Unable to Delete Files/Directory

I'm currently unable to remove a directory from the BT Cloud I receive the messages 'Server could not delete file(s) and folder(s)'. I've tried removing the directory via the Windows Desktop App and via the BT Cloud Website neither work. The directory in question is '.git' and was uploaded via the Windows Desktop App.

I've since found out, after attempting to rename the file via BT Cloud Website that files with a period (.) are invalid - it doesn't mention directories but assume that this is also the case. This seems to be a bug with the Window Desktop App where it allows invalid files/directories to be uploaded.

All that said how can I remove a directory that begins will a period?

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Re: BT Cloud - Unable to Delete Files/Directory

Hi @tuxtobin and welcome to the community.

Sorry you're having a few problems with the Cloud. Your best bet would be to contact the Cloud helpdesk directly. You can get them on 0808 100 6778 8am - 9pm Mon to Fri 8am - 8pm Saturday 8am - 8pm Sunday.



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