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Re: BT Cloud Problems

Oh, hooray.  A BT Cloud update and now it doesn't work on any of my computers running Windows 10.  It has deleted the old version and replaced it with a new one.  New icon is there but it doesn't open (and doesn't even pass the security software supplied by BT as part of the package!).  All of my selected folders for updating no longer have that option on the right click menus and it is REALLY HARD to find the link to the web version just to check that my stuff is still there as I can no longer reach it via the desktop app.  Why does this happen every time there is an update?  

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Re: BT Cloud update

I have also had this - stopped by MS security
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BT Cloud update - how can I tell if my original choice of folders to back up is still there?

I updated BT Cloud as requested, as it assured me all my files and SETTINGS would be preserved.

The list of my selected important folders that I save to the cloud is still there on my cloud webpage, and I presume the contents are still there, as it says in the pop up from the systray (bottom right) that I'm using 30% of my storage which is correct, though I can't currently access any of my files there because of  "technical difficulties".

What I can't tell is if my former settings of which folders I want to keep updated to the cloud is still associated with this new version of the app? I've got lots of individual folders selected and it would be such a long job to have to select them all again. I don't want to start adding them again to the worryingly EMPTY list under "Preferences - Backup and Shared folders" in the systray pop up and somehow cause duplication to double how much of my cloud space I am using, but I'm very concerned that if the list of folders has been completely lost, the contents will not be being backed up automatically any more!

Will I need to add all those folders manually to the "Backup and Shared Folders" list again manually? Does anyone know the answer to this specific question? There are obviously a LOT of issues with this update - should I just wait for a day or so and see if they can sort things out, and hope that my computer and local backups are not destroyed in a freak accident in the interim whilst I wait or what?

My cloud storage is actually the main reason I pay far more for my broadband than is justified by the low connection speeds I can receive here; if that isn't working I'm not getting most of what I paid for. I am currently not very happy!

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Re: BT Cloud Won't Start

This is another example of very poor software engineering by BT - version 20.6.1 was clearly not thoroughly tested before it was released. Thank God BT is not responsible for testing the Covid-19 vaccine!

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Re: BT Cloud update not working

I had exactly the same issue this evening. Update appeared to just delete the old version. Have lost the desktop link and don't believe I have BT cloud at all. When will BT provide a new version? I decided not to override the security message and download again.

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Re: BT Cloud Won't Start

Thank you , that does help . The shortcut link doesn't seem to work but at least we have progress . 🙂
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Re: BT Cloud Won't Start

Thanks a lot . Best solution so far. I had to install updated BT Cloud App but cannot get it to open on Windows 10. Using your info, I can at least see that something is happening !
Is this really an improvement , BT ?
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Re: BT Cloud update not working

I have had the same problem today.  Shame they can't get on to it and fix it asap as it clearly is affecting quite a few people.

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Re: BT Cloud update not working

Hi Penny 

I spoke to the BT Cloud Help Desk earlier and they are aware of the issue with the update and browser version.  I am expecting a call back on Thursday with an update on the situation and hopefully details of a fix. The Help Desk's phone number is 0800 500 3114 if you want to register your problem. I think the more who contact them will let BT know how serious the problem and hopefully the quicker they will fix it.


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Re: BT Cloud update not working

Thanks Alan. I took your advice and contacted the helpdesk. They advised that it should be fixed in the next couple of hours. Suggested that I download from BT website in the morning when the download will be accepted as secure from BT too.



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