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BT Cloud 20.6.1

After a day of seeing 'syncing' and no sign of anything being uploaded or having appeared on the website version I've a 'sinking' feeling this is another example of BT Cloud's tried and tested approach of not testing enough.

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Re: BT Cloud Won't Start

Apologies - v long post

 Caveat 1 : Windows experience only

 Caveat 2 : I’m no expert in BT software and have no insider knowledge

 Caveat 3 : 2+2 = um... 4 or 5 or -1 or a red herring so don’t get too hung up if I’m wrong

 Caveat 4 : It seems that the mechanism of accessing the Dashboad via the desktop App has changed for 20.1.6 and is now via the cloud icon in the “hidden icons” section. You may not like this but if it worked then you’d just have to live with it. Dashboard like features appear to be available via the cloud screen “Open Preference” option though as I fail before this is enabled I cannot verify this. I probably won’t like it either when I can but ...

 So keeping the above caveats in mind could this be what is happening

 1. In general for most people, once past the Windows Defender hiccup, the installation did not report any direct errors. It got rid of the old version if any and copied over the new files and kicked off an initial process. Any errors only came when you tried to use it.

2. For some people all seems to have worked (supported as such by a statement from the BT Mod and various contributors reports from their contact with the Helpdesk) - the lucky few/many (your choice)

3. For many people accessing their files in the BT Cloud via a browser has shown issues (ie. failed) but not for all files and not for all users. My own experience is that some bits work fine, other bits did not (With the ”Error We are experiencing some technical difficulties. Please try again later” message being displayed) and then they did and then they didn’t. Sometime it is consistently erroring sometimes not. This is all BT server/ cloud side so nothing to do with whether you have the App installed or not or if it works or doesn’t. This in itself is a serious issue. We need to be able to trust the BT Cloud with successful accessibility being in the 99% + region across all time periods especially any business users (typical SLAs etc).

4. For many of us the initialisation process fails. Both after the install and whenever we try again by clicking on the desktop icon. In my case what happens is that after clicking on the desktop icon the small black cloud icon appears (in hidden icons) and when I right click on it it shows I’m logged in and that it is initializing metadata. This then seemingly fails and cloud’s screen is gone. Whilst it was initializing access to the Open Preferences is blocked (which would seem reasonable during the “one off” initialization process). When the initialization fails Windows Application Event Error logs are created.

Guessing mostly from here on ...

 5. Presumably the Initialization needs to communicate with the BT Cloud servers to set things up (I have seen the little cloud display a “contacting servers” message) and when as it checks the files it get the same error we do via the browser as in 3 above it basically goes ”.. what was that ! dunno .. oops no explicit exception handler for this so ... crash” - which Windows then catches and reports. Given that this happens every time this is tried you can never make it work to the stage when the Preferences options are available and the next level of pain is exposed.

Any thoughts ?

....I’ll get my coat.


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Re: BT Cloud Won't Start

Hi guys,

Thanks all for posting. Please see @JohnC2 message 68 on this thread. We are aware that some of you are having problems with the new release and we’re working on fixes for these issues.



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Re: BT Cloud Won't Start

No files to be seen seen in the white popup area! However I never used the "Sync Folder" facility in BT Cloud instead I had it set to monitor and backup changes in specific folders on my PC to the cloud automatically. Those files and folders still exists via the web interface but are not be synced any more. Is it possible that that functionality has been removed, no notification etc? As the gear settings icon is dead I cannot see if the PC folders to backup selection still exists?
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Re: BT Cloud Won't Start




@JohnC2 (Moderator) wrote:

We have upgraded our BT Cloud windows client to version 20.6.1, while the majority have upgraded smoothly we are sorry that some of you are having various issues. This upgrade is designed to ensure ongoing compatibility with windows releases.

But that doesn't explain why a dashboard similar to the old one couldn't have been provided.

As to "upgraded", doesn't that normally mean "improved"? Come on "John", tell us all what the improvements are.

Note that "John" is the only  BT employee to have posted anything on this subject in over 24 hours. 

This is a community forum so its not monitored by BT employees other than the moderators help act as the go-between.

User interfaces change all the time -  I personally never get attached to them but I know its hard for some users so I do sympathise. 

As the statement says its to ensure compatibility with windows releases - this cloud software is so old and has not had an update for as long as I can remember - the mobile app versions get updated frequently. 

Well "John"  wrote  "We have upgraded our BT Cloud windows client"  -  which implies that he is a BT employee.

As for BT employees not monitoring this forum - that's disgraceful. Aren't BT interested in the travails of their customers?

Ensuring "compatibility with windows releases" does not preclude using a dashboard similar to the old one.

I'd still like to know in  what way this upgrade is an improvement!

BT staff do monitor the forum (for 'appropriate' content) and will at times alert BT technical people where that seems appropriate (as will some of the 'trustie' commentators). This forum includes hobbyists who can often sort out common problems which people have - on occasion (the new Web Mail and this are good examples) BT drops a clanger of enormous proportions, at least for those impacted, and the forum does act as a sort of safety valve.  

BT often does not seem that good at communication (ironic that, eh?) - and certainly some 'new' introductions have been less than well flagged. This is one. Ideally BT Cloud customers should have been emailed before the 1st December drop to warn them what was going to happen and if necessary justify the changes to old and accepted elements. As it is, huge surprise, dismay and a learning curve to regain what we though we had. Even if we can accept the new system, the way it wasn't communicated to us is a disgrace.

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Re: Bt Cloud Storage

Thank you for your swift reply.

I must admit I am astonished that BT didn't  give clarification that the change was so different. What fooled me was the original icon  on the windows 7 desktop was up dated to the 1 dec but when pressed nothing happens.

The new icon is not situated on the taskbar but in the small cluster of shortcut icons on the bottom right  right of the screen.

It would be appreciated if you could tell me.
1. Does the small file symbol (open BT sync) take one to the equivalent of the old front sync screen where you could select the folders you wanted backed up?

2. Does the Lauch web symbol take you to the actual files backed up site?

Again thank you for your help.




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Re: BT Cloud Won't Start

Hi Mike,

Having same problem: I hope BT is trying to rectify. Also when I login to the BT Cloud website I am experiencing problems. After initially logging in I get a message telling me  have a lot of files, so to wait until they are retrieved. When I'm in I can't access everything: for some folders I get the message "we are experiencing some technical difficulties. Please try again later." Well when? is the question. I had the same message yesterday. I'm worried some of my files are lost.

Interested if others are also seeing similar on the Cloud website. Again, I hope BT is trying to fix its "technical difficulties"

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Re: BT Cloud Won't Start

I have had exactly the same problems. With the web site.  The old system was slow but I never had these problems!

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Re: BT Cloud Won't Start

Yes it looks like there could be a problem with the files . I have just noticed that the "My Recent Activity" list is showing very old files that were backed up on the old system a couple of years ago.

The other thing I've noticed is that key files on my computer has lost the "tick" recording they have been backed up.

It is scandalous that Bt have launched an upgrade like this in such a shambolic manner.


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My BT Cloud won't start since your Update

What can I do?

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