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BT CLOUD shutting down other programs

I have recently installed the new BT Cloud update on my WIN 7 desktop, it installed OK,

but several of my programs have stopped working owing to the NET Framework 4.6 update required? If I uninstall and reinstall the older NET Framework 4.5.2 the programs work again?  Is there a way of installing the new Cloud update and

not installing 4.6 ??    If not does this mean I can't use the cloud anymore?



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Re: BT Cloud Won't Start

And I thought it was me...!!!

Beginning of the week, forced update for BT Cloud.

I now, 4 days later, have the green tick, so hopefully all is backed-up.  But reading all the posts I don't trust that the correct versions of the documents are saved to the cloud.  

I know it's all been said before but:

BT should have tested this update before rolling it out.

Roll out should have been communicated first.  With a designated help desk number!!

Instructions for use of new format should be available.  Being directed to help pages showing the old dashboard format is not helpful!  I'm not a dimwit, but neither to I have a degree in computer programming.

They should roll out the old version and then upgrade in future once properly tested.

So there;s no dashboard - I can live with that.  BUT why isn't there an indication when looking at my files in File Explorer that they have been backed-up to the Cloud ?  No little green ticks anymore!!

And I finish with a quote directly from BT Website; I only hope this is still the case...

What does the cloud give me?

One single safe place to keep all your files, so you can access them from nearly any computer or device.

BT Cloud also lets you:

  • Back up files automatically
  • Organise, search and share files
  • Protect your files, whatever happens to your computer or device
  • Upload a file from one device, edit it on another, and have the latest version synced up on all of them 
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BT Cloud

Like many others, I am unable to access BT cloud since the new update. Is BT fixing this automatically please?

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Had message yesterday about update on BT Cloud, accepted it and then it said needed to delete old version to reinstall  new version. Nothing has happened.  I have uninstalled BT cloud and tried to reinstall it but nothing happens. Have tried to reinstall it on Firefox, chrome and Edge just in case it did not like one of them.  How do I get it back, Luckily I made copies of all my files on my computer so that if anything happened I could still access them easily.  I am not very computor savy so no good telling me to do loads of things I dont understand!  Help me please to restore it.  Hopefully they have a bug in their update and rectify this quickly

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BT Cloud won't start

Like many others, I am unable to access BT cloud since the new update. Is BT fixing this automatically please?

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BT Cloud 20.6.1

My BT Cloud application on Windows has recently updated to version 20.6.1. However, its using between 18 and 30% CPU power according to task manager on a core I7 laptop and consequently slowing down everything. I have left it running for a couple of days just in case its a start-up issue while it does some file management. However its still extremely CPU power hungry. Has anyone else seen this issue or got any ideas what to do or even go back to the previous version?

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Re: BT Cloud Won't Start

Quick update. The green tick 'lies' , selecting 'open bt cloud sync' takes me to the web site to logon, no files, and error message saying there's a problem.
Not good!
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Re: BT Cloud Won't Start

I uninstalled and reinstalled and that seems to have provided some limited progress.  It does now seem to be uploading and downloading files, albeit, very slowly (it took 3 hours to sync 200MB of data and no, its not my broadband connection).  It also doesn't seem to be detecting modified files, so if a file is now modified, it doesn't seem to upload the modified version to the cloud, which is frankly, useless.

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Re: BT Cloud Won't Start

My cloud access was working perfectly earlier today following the problems Yesterday due to the upgrade fiasco.  Tonight I am getting a "we are experiencing technical difficulties message" which is really just a euphemism for "Not Working Again". BT just appear to be wee boys trying to play with the big boys and failing miserably. 

I think its a question of grin and bear it until my current contract runs out and then MOVE----- Its ajoke every time there is an upgrade.

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Re: BT Cloud 20.6.1

@ShropshirePete I have already posted in this thread twice about the excessive CPU usage, so no, it is not just you.  

The BTCloud pop-up on my PC states that the last item uploaded was 23 hours ago, yet it has been running above 10% CPU and just this minute 22% .  

There is clearly something VERY wrong, because the files it uploaded 23 hours ago were photos - Created ‎04 ‎December ‎2015 when copied to this PC, and last modified June 2004 when they were taken.  BT Cloud has been running on this computer since well before 2015.

And yet OneDrive has in the last 4 hours backed up 6 new or changed files that actually were new or changed in that time. 

A sneaky thing I have noticed is that when trying to access the BT Cloud Web Site (to see if my backed up files are there, which it still fails to tell me), there is a new "End User Licence Agreement" pop up that you have to accept to use the service or decline to lose all your files in the cloud. The fact that I had previously agreed does not seem to be remembered, similar to the way that ticking the "Keep me signed in box" on any BT web site does not do that. They reserve the right to change the price if they materially change the service we receive. I do hope that their change to the BT Cloud does not count!


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