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BT Cloud and VPN

I use BT Cloud solely as a backup of my music files so any uploads are always manual - that is, I don't have the BTC app running all the time; I start it when I want to use it - and, when the problems with BT Cloud hit with the 'upgrade' a couple of months ago, I stopped copying files there for a while. I have BTC set up to synchronise with a specific drive/folder on my PC so that if I copy a file to the folder it will upload when I start the app.

I connect to the internet via NordVPN and when I started the app today, nothing happened, i.e., it didn't start sync'ing. I tried to login via the web browser and was unable to reach the site. However, everything worked when I disconnected from the VPN.

What is it with BT that they seem to go out of their way to stop us using VPN's? Yes, I can use the internet via VPN on BT Broadband but as soon as I try to use their apps or even check my bill online, I can't seem to connect.

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