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BT Cloud not working on IOS

After the July 2020 update to the Cloud app on the Apple Store my BT cloud stopped working. It has been stuck in a loop and has backed up nothing since. It seems to be going over older videos and photos and then says it’s found new content before finishing the sync. Then it starts at the beginning again. I have spoken with the cloud support team who now send a weekly email to say they are still working on the issue. 
Anyone know how to resolve this. The Cloud is part of the service I’m paying for, so can I take my complaint to Ofcom? 3 months for a company with the resources of BT and still nothing. 

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Re: BT Cloud not working on IOS


I’ve posted this elsewhere and it seems to work. But be aware this is not a fix.

The app still refuses to reliably automatically backup your files.

I’ve got a long standing issue with the Technical BT Email team - who look after the Cloud about this. It’s tagged with a complaint. But given some conversations with them I doubt it’ll be resolved anytime soon.

Perhaps you can give this a try?

Your going to separately back up your Contact, Photos and  Videos.

Turn off the automatic screen lock - set it to Never.
Make sure you’ve got a good battery charge, or better still plug the phone into the charger. (Not sure why it should make any difference but that’s what BT suggested)

Open the app.

Go to ‘Settings’ then ‘What to backup’.

Select just Photos say. Then go back to the menu within the app and select Home.

From there click on the cloud icon and force a backup.

Then wait while the app flicks through your entire photo collection.

Eventually when it finds a file that it hasn’t backed up you’ll see the increasing purple bar as the file is uploaded.

With luck you’ll get a green tick when it’s all done.

Then do the same with your videos and Contacts.

The frustrating thing is that it doesn’t do this automatically. And most of the time it does nothing at all.

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Re: BT Cloud not working on IOS

I’ve assumed this was on an iPhone. Apologies if not.

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Re: BT Cloud not working on IOS

Yes it’s an iPhone. I’ll give it a try over night. I can’t believe they either can’t or won’t fix this. Then they bombard me with emails to renew my contract with them. 

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Re: BT Cloud not working on IOS

I wasn’t  too impressed when I was asked to withdraw my complaint as it was working fine on my Windows PC and an Android phone. Of course I wouldn’t withdraw my complaint. It used to work fine on my old iPhone 5S. The issue is fairly and squarely still in BT’s court.

Judging by other postings and the frustrated remarks from the technical team, they are having lots of issues with BTCloud on Apple devices. As I said before, I think we’re in for the long haul. Meanwhile may be a good idea to pay for some extra iCloud storage eh?

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Re: BT Cloud not working on IOS

I have 55,000 photos on my iPhone. I don’t want multiple copies in BT Cloud. The latest photos it has backed up are from 3 years ago. I don’t know whether they back up before or were skipped in previous backups. Might end up having to download them all to my pc. Remove duplicates. And move to iCloud and forget about BT. When you said you complained, was it to BT or someone else. I raised this with them in July. I get an email about every 14 days to tell me they are still working on it. It’s clearly advertised as part of their broadband package. It is worth going to Ofcom and making a formal complaint. 

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Re: BT Cloud not working on IOS

Hi. In my experience It doesn’t look like there are duplicate files. If you go to the BT Cloud website, look at ‘All My Files’ and select the ‘BT Cloud’ folder you should see your iPhone files.

When I’ve looked after a successful backup the file size seems to broadly match what’s on my phone.

And if I look in the BT Cloud folder on my laptop PC the number of files u set the iPhone folder is very close to what’s on the Phone. So don’t think there’s duplication going on. 
But I could be wrong of course. I’m no Guru. 


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Re: BT Cloud not working on IOS

Sorry, missed the complaint bit.

Basically I raised the issue as a formal complaint when speaking to the BT support team. It means that if it cannot be resolved after a certain period - I have it in a letter that BT sent me - I have the option of going to OfCom to try and get it sorted. 

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Re: BT Cloud not working on IOS

any Idea what would happen if I connect my iPhone to the pc with a usb cable and then direct BT cloud to the IPhone to do the back up. Would it only add files not already on the cloud? Any ideas?

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Re: BT Cloud not working on IOS

Not sure if that’s possible. 

But why not give the individual, Contacts, Photos and Videos backup option a go first?

Afterwards you can then look in the BT Cloud folder on your PC - assuming you’ve ticked the iPhone box within the Sync options in the desktop app - and see if the number of files and file size match with your phone.

Meanwhile as a bit of insurance while things are not working right with BT Cloud there’s always iCloud as an option. 

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