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BT Complete Wi-Fi backhaul?

We’ve just had a second domestic line put in for my wife’s business, with BT Complete WI-Fi.  We’ve got two discs and are sending the signal down the garden.  It’s nowhere near as effective in terms of signal strength, as the Whole Home system we also have but that’s a different story.

I connected her iMac in her garden office to the disc down there using an Ethernet cable rather than Wi-fi but I’ve since noticed some odd behaviour.  Every now and then, the Wi-fi speed from that disc drops to almost nothing and the Ethernet speed in the computer does likewise.  Tonight, for example,nothing would connect; computer speed test showed 1.39Mbps over Ethernet and my phone was 0.67 over Wi-fi.  I then shutdown the computer - Wi-fi on the phone went straight back up to 34Mbps.  Restarted the computer and that too was 34.  I’ve seen this a couple of times now.

Why would an Ethernet connection do this to the internet speed?  I never saw it on our Whole Home network (still in situ - both kids connected directly to their disc by Ethernet).

Any ideas?

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Re: BT Complete Wi-Fi backhaul?

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Re: BT Complete Wi-Fi backhaul?

I just have - thank you. I remember that being "a thing" from previous BT wifi setups! Fingers crossed that that cures it
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Re: BT Complete Wi-Fi backhaul?

Hmmmm.  Sadly, still doing it

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Re: BT Complete Wi-Fi backhaul?

It sounds very odd.

A few things that may be worth trying/considering (in no particular order) could be;

  • Log on to the hub, goto Advanced wireless settings and make sure the Wireless Mode is 1
  • switch Wi-Fi off and check wether the Ethernet speed is then maintained.
  • With Wi-Fi ON, disconnect the ethernet connections and see if the Wi-Fi speed is maintained
  • In your first post, you mention a second line and a WHW system, are these running alongside one another?
    how many hubs do you have?
    if more then one, how close are they to each other?
    How many Hubs, discs and SSID's are you using?

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