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BT Digital voice with Netgear Orbi

I have had BT FTTP for a couple of years now and have never used the BT router. I have a Netgear Orbi mesh setup, which works beautifully throughout the property. All of my neighbours (I'm in the middle of a row of 5) have been contacted about Digital Voice and have changed over. Perhaps I have been missed out because I don't use the Smart Hub? Anyway, my question is, how can I continue to use my Orbi setup? Will I have to connect them via the BT router, as the Orbi doesn't have a phone socket, or is there a better way?

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Re: BT Digital voice with Netgear Orbi

Unless you actually require a voice service, continue as you are. If you are converted to Digital Voice, your voice service will only work with the BT hub.

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Re: BT Digital voice with Netgear Orbi

Yep, you'll need to use the BT Hub to use BT Digital Voice. I've run a Netgear Orbi mesh via the BT Hub on FTTP with no problems. Just another box to gather dust!

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Re: BT Digital voice with Netgear Orbi

can I opt out of DV then? I use the SH but my orbi network for mesh WiFi. I’m not able to remove my orbi network for a number of reasons. I can’t be forced into this surely? 

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Re: BT Digital voice with Netgear Orbi

Yes, you can opt out of DV, but that means no voice service at all. There is no returning to an analogue voice service.

You can always use a third party VoIP provider rather than BT's DV to remove the need for the SH2.

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Re: BT Digital voice with Netgear Orbi

Thanks for the reply. My issue is complex as I use the SH2 but the orbi is for AP mesh WiFi only. It’s been faultless. My phone is near the satellite, not the router. The orbi is connected to the router via Ethernet and configured as such. If the DV adaptor was configurable via usb etc it would be fine. I’m not in a position to move the entire network infrastructure. It was painful to get everything working. I can’t connect the DV adapter to the SH2 as it’s not WiFi enabled. Only the orbi is. I’m being forced into something I didn’t ask for, don’t need and and is not compatible. 
surely you can see this is an issue. 
time to find another provider I guess. 

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Re: BT Digital voice with Netgear Orbi

I'm not sure you fully understand what the DV adapter does. It is simply a DECT to analogue converter which just plugs into any convenient mains socket, wifi is not involved.

Changing provider won't help, all providers will be stopping their analogue phone service by 2025.

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Re: BT Digital voice with Netgear Orbi

It needs to pair with something though correct? The dv adaptor? There’s a sync button. Maybe I’m (as you suggest) misunderstanding what that pairing is. If the SH2 is t pairing via WiFi and has a separate DECT pairing for that DV adapter only (and it still works while the SH2’s WiFi is disabled then I’m good to go. 

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Re: BT Digital voice with Netgear Orbi

Yes, it simply pairs to the SH2 via DECT there is no need for wifi on the SH2, the SH2 is a DECT base station.

DV does not use wifi in any shape or form.