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BT Disc not pairing

My discs stopped working a couple of weeks ago but thought they would just need to paired up again. Am unable to work in the office as neither of the discs would pair. I ordered a new one as only had two but that’s the same. They are constant blue when plugged in with earthnet cable. When unplugged and moved they go red, then flashing blue.

Have done factory reset on hub and discs. Wasted the last hour!  Any idea how do I fix them?

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Re: BT Disc not pairing

Hi @Sooiemb33 I'm sorry to see you're having problems with your discs. Do you have complete wifi or whole home wifi (white) discs?



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Re: BT Disc not pairing

Hi Neil, I have complete WiFi.  I managed to contact BT this morning on chat and they said they can detect a fault with the hub so are sending an engineer on Thursday this week. Hopefully it will get fixed. 🤞

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Re: BT Disc not pairing


Check that the wireless mode on your Smart Hub 2, is set to mode 1, as there have been issues where a recent firmware update changed it to mode 2.

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Re: BT Disc not pairing

BT guy spent 2 hours this morning and finally with the help of a few phone calls got the discs to pair. Unfortunately the WiFi only reaches the room I want it to get to (only 25 ft from the router) if I put another disc in between, so that needs to sit on the hall floor.  

No chance of getting WiFi in the room upstairs unless I have more discs and lay a trail☹️

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