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BT Premium Whole Home Wi-Fi


i have recently expanded my network by adding another disc to my man cave (at the bottom of the Garden) it is hard wired (via a switch) to the soars port on disc 1 and works fine (similar speeds to the main house). It shows up on the map as blue and in details it correctly identifies it as connected by Ethernet but the light on the disc is orange.

I know it works so maybe I should just ignore it but it niggles me ! 
Is there a way to fix this ?

Tgank you 

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Re: BT Premium Whole Home Wi-Fi

The light does stay orange.  But watch out that your system overall doesn’t now become really unstable.  I’ve been waiting for BT to issue fixes to support just this topology for over a year - during which time I’ve used an old WiFi access point in my garage.

When the BT disk was in use, the disks would reboot themselves regularly, and seemed to flood the network so extensively that I’d get timeouts between devices on my LAN sat next to each other.

Let me know how you get on - maybe you have a later hardware revision than me.  But in my case, after 12 months of waiting for BT to fix the product, and being egged on beyond the returns period, I’m pretty hacked off and about to put them in the bin and cut my losses.

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Re: BT Premium Whole Home Wi-Fi

Thanks Kevin 

so where I am now is that generally the network seems less stable than it was. Tonight one disc was flashing blue and red but despite all the weird lights I seem to maintain internet access at good speeds (for this area) 

seems like this product is not quite finished but has potential 

thank you for your help, I will keep an eye on it for now 




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