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BT FTTP Installation Times

Hello all, 


So looking advise in terms of time frames. 


Waited 2 weeks to get basic copper, then waited a further 6 weeks for our FTTP installation two days ago. 


Openreach team tried to get something going but mentioned the entry points underground to route the fibre to the premesis has been concreted over and they would need to dig to get access. 


They mentioned because its a public road in a neighbourhood that they need permission to do this. 


Also that because most are using copper it also makes sense to replace the fibre box for everyone to get fibre. 


Anyone got a time frame it takes to do this? 


Already waited 8 weeks, would like to know if I'm about to wait a year or not to get off 0.2mb upload


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Re: BT FTTP Installation Times

Hi @J_simms and welcome to the community.

As you've mentioned, getting you connected to fibre will require dig work and as that is a public road permission has to be granted by the local council. That can take some time. If they're installing a new cabinet it could further add to the delay. You can contact Openreach to ask the question but it's not something the community can answer. 



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Re: BT FTTP Installation Times

When the local council is involved its really hard to say.  Sometimes its quick other times they need to be chased over and over again to get permits etc.

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