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BT Fibre 900 upgrade from 500 and speed test

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We upgraded from FTTC to FTTP 500 a few months ago and I was getting 500 down and 70 up, we then got an offer for the 900 package, we are getting 930 down but still 70 up not the 110 that it is supposed to be.

I tried doing a speed test on the router but I just keep getting an error it is unable to do a speed test at this time.

I raised it with BT an they sent an engineer out, he plugged his laptop into the router, his IBM Thinkpad was not capable of registering download speed greater than 500 Mbps which he said was frustrating, he reset the ONT and it was dropped to 50 up.

I also noticed the engineer used and not the BT Wholesale Speed Tester which BT told me to use, when questioned he said the BT one was unreliable.

He phoned the team and their response was we only guarantee 10Mbps up so he is above that threshold, they also said they couldn't run a speed test can he restart the router which he did but had already done.

My upload has gone back up to 70 but I found it frustrating the attitude was we only guarantee 10, you are getting 50 so you are lucky. I know in the small print they only guarantee 450 down and 10 up but I thought that would have been after they had tried to fix the issue.

Also my understanding with FTTP is because it is Fibre there is not a line quality issue i.e. it either works or it doesn't so any issues are likely to be with equipment on the network or contention.

Should I pursue this issue or just accept it?

Any ideas why the speed test doesn't work on my Smarthub 2?

Many thanks

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Re: BT Fibre 900 upgrade from 500 and speed test

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this is a known problem

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Re: BT Fibre 900 upgrade from 500 and speed test

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Hi @Wavemachine007 and welcome.

I'm sorry your upload profile doesn't appear to be correct. I'll be happy to take a look at this for you. I'll drop you a private message now so you can get in touch. 

Thanks @imjolly for pointing to the existing thread.