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BT HUB and Connected Devices



I hope someone can help me out with this. I have recently just got a M1 Mac Book Air and also upgraded to a Hub 2. The thing is when the Mac Book is suppose to be asleep or the lid is closed 'Apple' say it cuts off all connections with the Wifi or bluetooth etc. 


However, when I log into the Hub, I can see the Computer connected. This is both on the web version of the hub and the app. However when I use apps like Fing, it doesn't show up. 

So accurate is the BT Hub, is the Mac connected in someway that Fing can't detect but the Hub can. Or is the Mac actually still fully connected and using the Wifi network despite the setting saying otherwise and theres an issue with my Mac. 

Hope that all makes sense. As usual Apple have been no help and suggested a software update except the computer is brand new and the settings are factory default. 


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Re: BT HUB and Connected Devices

The hub will show devices that have previously been connected as grey and currently connected devices as green. The connected devices list is, however, notoriously flaky and not to be relied upon.

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