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BT Halo 2 and BT sport app problem.

I currently have a problem where since I have changed to the new halo hub the bt sport app on my iPad has first slowed and then refused to work at all (just the 3 balls bouncing!). Have tried reinstalling the app, turning the hub off/on (numerous times). Sky go app works fine. iOS version higher than 9. Bt sport app works fine on other networks. Any ideas?

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Re: BT Halo 2 and BT sport app problem.

This is actually something I'm experiencing myself @Matt50 and have raised it with the Smart Hub team.  In my experience, if I kill the app (swipe it away), disconnect wifi, and connect wifi again, the app will work fine for a short time.  Does this work for you?

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Re: BT Halo 2 and BT sport app problem.

Cheers DarrenDev I’ll give that a try. Are you saying that this is an inherent problem with the app/halo interaction and if so will there be a bug fix? How long have you managed to get it working for? It’s annoying to be in the last minutes of  a football match for it to stop working! Sorry for the extra questions. 

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Re: BT Halo 2 and BT sport app problem.

Ahhh, so the bouncing balls you're referring to are in the player. For me, I only see it when launching the app. As a developer though, I launch the app every few minutes - I rarely sit and watch the video for any length of time.
We've yet to identify where the issue is, but we'll fix it as soon as we can.
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Re: BT Halo 2 and BT sport app problem.

Thanks DarrenDev. It’s actually on my dad’s account and football on BT sport is the only thing he watches, he was promised faster speeds etc with the all singing all dancing Halo 2 and it has been a complete flop. I might go back to the old hub for now which means paying for something he is not getting but at least he gets to watch the football. I’ll periodically check this thread to see if there has been any progress and I’ll update it if anything changes. 

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