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BT Hub 4

My bt hub over the past 12 months has kept  flashing orange then 5 mins later its back to blue and wifi comes back.

It used to be once a month , but the past two weeks its done it every day and last couple of days 2 or 3 times a day.

The hub is about 6/7 years old, does it need replacing?  Phone is working fine.

Thanks for any help

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Re: BT Hub 4

Have you tried a quiet line test when the problem shows?

Does the weather make a difference?

Sounds more like a line problem than a router problem but cannot be sure either way.

Have you logged a fault with BT? If three is anything obviously wrong with the line they should be able to test it.  I had a similar problem in a previous house (HH2 iirc) which eventually turned out to be  the fuses on pole down the lane not being plugged in fully according to the engineer who came back 3 times.

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Re: BT Hub 4

Thanks for your reply. No to the weather, haven't tried a quiet line test when it happens, how do i do that? Haven't reported it yet as assumed I maybe needed a new hub with this one being so old.
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Re: BT Hub 4

with landline dial 17070 option 2  should be silent any noise is a problem and needs reporting to CS 150

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Re: BT Hub 4

@cityangel wrote:
Thanks for your reply. No to the weather, haven't tried a quiet line test when it happens, how do i do that? Haven't reported it yet as assumed I maybe needed a new hub with this one being so old.

Far more likely to be a line problem.

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Re: BT Hub 4


You may find that if you follow the online process for reporting a noisy line, the fault may go away after an automatic line test has been run, and no fault will actually be found.

The line test operates a number of relays in the exchange broadband equipment, and also in the line circuit. These relay contact do develop high resistance connections if they stand idle. Running a line test will often "clean" these contacts, and the broadband fault will go away.

This issue is specific to a normal (ADSL) connection, as the equipment is in the exchange, not the cabinet, and there are more relay contacts involved in the transmission path.

I have an ADSL connection, and when I have issues (very rarely), a line test usually fixes it.

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Re: BT Hub 4

Hi @cityangel and thanks for posting.

Sorry you're having a few problems. You posted previously about a line fault . Was this sorted at that time? Can you try the advice posted by the other members, including the quiet line test, and if there are any problems let me know.



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Re: BT Hub 4

Hiya David -Good to hear from you, can always reply on you and others on here when I have a problem for which I'm grateful being a pensioner.  My problems back in August were all resolved, seems a contacted guy who was doing some work for Openreach dislodged our wire in the bt box at the end of the road, once this was reconnected everything was fine, BT did compensate me for the 10 days offline so thats was fine.

My hub has been behaving since the weekend but have just gone orange, then flashing orange,  thenstatic orange then few mins later blue again. I did a quiet line test whilst it was orange and no problems on the line, all very quiet and phone works fine. 

What do I need to do next please, as there's obviously a problem  but phone line seems fine


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Re: BT Hub 4

@cityangel I'm sorry to see you're having problems with your connection dropping out. How often is this happening? 

Is it possible to connect your Hub to the test socket to see if that makes a difference? There's a helpful video showing you how to do that on this link.



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Re: BT Hub 4

Hiya Neil,

Sorry I don't understand the video, my openreach socket has two plug in bits on it, assume one is phone wire and one hub wire?  Hub went orange twice last night and again this morning so guess I have a bigger problem than I though. 

Shall I ring bt as tech stuff is beyond me at my age? 

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