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BT Hybrid Connect


I was told by BT customer service that Hallo 3 with hybrid Connect, works in my area and got upgraded and not happy

with the service.

Installed the Hybrid connect and I am getting just one bar (weak signal)! tried all areas in the flat but no change!

Called BT again went through all the checks, sent me another hybrid Connect, still the same issue. 

BT engineer sent over to check line speed and found broadband speed is fine and said EE signal in the area is very poor!

I am just not sure how BT puts a new device up for use without checking the areas for mobile coverage! expected when broadband goes down it would switch over to Hybrid connect with just one bar! but no connection! 

At the moment with working from home I was expecting this product to work!

Can BT improve the EE signal in my area EH5 Edinburgh city!


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Re: BT Hybrid Connect

BT have no control over the strength of the EE mobile signal.  Surprised you did not actually check the EE/BT coverage before deciding to purchace halo 3 add on

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Re: BT Hybrid Connect


Thank you for the reply.

Yes, I did check and also mentioned to BT customer service and was told nothing to worry about, as

your area is showing in the system as eligible for BT Hybrid Connect Halo 3!


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BT Hybrid Connect


The broadband signal went down and the Hybrid Connect with one bar lit changed from blue to white but no page opened!

Just the following errors on the webpage.

home pagehome pageTroubleshooting reportTroubleshooting report

I hope BT can get this issue sorted!

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