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BT Smart Hub 2 - Multiple SSID's, VLANs, traffic monitoring?

I use a third-party business grade router in preference to the BT SH2 connected to our FTTP service as it allows for improved home security, such as isolating Guests, my work devices,  IOT devices, other smart devices from each other, it also provides the ability for bandwidth restrictions per group, and downtime for my kids devices.  None of which is currently available on the SH2.

Is anyone aware of plans to enhance the capabilities of the SH2 with the capabilities above, and or a timeline for a new devices coming (SH3) which might included such features?

I ask as I have been informed our telephony service is switching to BT Digital Voice, which requires the SH2 be connected, as it provides the DECT access going forwards.  Now I know I could hang my router off the back of the SH2 router, but this does add additional latency and issues with routing which will impact gaming performance. 

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Re: BT Smart Hub 2 - Multiple SSID's, VLANs, traffic monitoring?

Its extremely doubtful that any mass market ISP router would ever be developed to have whistles and bells that the vast majority of their huge customer base don't want or need. They are designed to be cheap and cheerful plug and play devices for the masses.

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Re: BT Smart Hub 2 - Multiple SSID's, VLANs, traffic monitoring?

I agree with your assessment. I do feel, however, that our ISP's should be doing more to help the majority of users who are non-technical with improved solutions, with the growth in smart devices: music devices, cameras, doorbells, washing machines, fridges, tablets, watches, light bulbs, etc, the risks increase, so I disagree with your don't want or need point, as it is more they don't know why these features help with security, who doesn't want to be secure, the issue today is it is too complex for your standard household to implement. 

But big ISP's could change that - What if the standard router offerings came with say different wifi SSIDs preconfigured with say Guests, Kids, IoT, Work and Home for instance, with some basic isolation it would be a significant security improvement over the standard configuration the majority live with today - and will help with the growing number of connected devices, and those friends and guests that are all jumping on their broadband connections.

It is unlikely to happen, as you say, but one can still dream 😉

BT moderators, food for thought?