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BT Smart hub 2. At a loss as to best way forward to get signal to some areas of the house?

Long story short.   I have issues with signal upstairs and in conservatory.  we now have fibre to the premises.  My signal is strong to most areas but weak to the bedrooms and consrvatory.   In the past I have tried the small BT discs which didn't work.  They sent me three different sets and two different routers at the time but to no avail.

I want to solve this problem now as have set up Sonos and need it to work correctly.  Tried a netgear n300 in the conservatory and while it has improved the situation it still isn't up to scratch.

Looking for a way forward.  My current package is Full Fibre 100.   Here are what I think are my options

Full Fibre 100 Halo 3+ - This will give me the new discs and a promise they will work.  Not too sure about the hybrid connect thing though.  This will cost me £17.52 a month Full Fibre 100 Halo 3 with Complete Wi-Fi - New discs upgrade price £12.52

Buy the new discs one at a time second hand to boost.

Buy a MESH system.  Not too sure what one.

What do you think?       Not been happy with old discs but new ones may work very differently or is there a better way forward?

If I go with option 1 then I may upgrade my speed at the same time.

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Re: BT Smart hub 2. At a loss as to best way forward to get signal to some areas of the house?


Any form of wifi repeater is likely to have issues. especially range extenders, which do not work very well.

Have you considered wifi hotspots instead, as its a much cheaper option and has no extra monthly cost?

These generate their own local wireless signal, so you always get a strong signal.


Which I think is cheaper.

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