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BT Sport Rugby Premiership matches


Previously BT would broadcast/stream more than 1 live premiership match over the course of the weekend, however last week and this week I've notice BT are only streaming 1 live game, and also it doesn't appear the extended highlights or full match replay of the games NOT broadcast live are available?

Eg. This weekend broadcasting Saracens v. Newcastle

But playing are also Glos v. Sale, Exeter v. Worcester, London Irish v. Leicester

Last weekend (01/10/21, 02/10/21 and 03/10/21) 

Sale v. Exeter (Replay online), Tigers v. Saracens (Replay online), Northampton v. L. Irish (not available), Newcastle v. Wasps (Not available), Worcester v. Gloucester (Not available), Bristol v. Bath (Replay online)

When searching for the full match replays or extended highlights even when I enter the team profile it's not always available to watch? Does anyone know why or is anyone else experiencing the same problem?

I've also just tried clicking on "More Catch Up" online and get a 404 error message back



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Re: BT Sport Rugby Premiership matches

Huh? They have broadcast live *three* games for each weekend of new season: Friday evening, Saturday afternoon and Sunday afternoon.

I agree about the loss of extended highlights for the non-live games though.
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Re: BT Sport Rugby Premiership matches

BT only showed all the live games last year due to fans not being able to attend. As fans have now returned to stadiums they have reverted to broadcasting 3 live games each weekend. It's a shame but you should be able to find full match replays of the other games on the Premiership Rugby website.

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Re: BT Sport Rugby Premiership matches

Carefully going to the No Spoiler page to avoid accidentally seeing the results.
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Re: BT Sport Rugby Premiership matches

I see there is no live match this Saturday, only one on Friday evening and one on Sunday. Why is this?

Not that there is a shortage of live rugby this weekend, what with the Autumn Internationals being show elsewhere including a Saturday match on FTA TV.  Or does that answer my question?

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Re: BT Sport Rugby Premiership matches

I also only see the 2 in BT Fri and Sun and don’t see any premiership matches on FTA TV?

Quite frustrating considering the price per month and I don’t really watch any other sports BT offers. 

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Re: BT Sport Rugby Premiership matches

If i understand correctly the

the deal with Premiership Rugby is

BT Sport subscribers will be able to watch up to 80 live games each season, including 69 in the Premiership and 11 in the Premiership Rugby Cup.

So assuming 3 matches of the 69  are the semis and final that gives 66 matches from the regular season rounds which if the Premiership had operated as 12 division league with 22 rounds would mean 3 games per round

Now I believe  the Premiership opted this season to increase to 13 teams  so there are 26 rounds of Premiership fixtures rather than 22.

So I would expect that there would be   2  matches on some and 3 matches on most  from each round of fixtures.


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Re: BT Sport Rugby Premiership matches

Interesting. I assume the deal was cut on the basis of a 12 team league so the Premiership would have been in breach of contract by diluting the product with more matches and the removal of relegation jeopardy and there would have been scope for an adjustment. Or have the BT Sport contract lawyers been lax on this?

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