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BT Whole Home WiFi - Solid purple light

I have a problem with my BT Whole home wifi.  I have 5 discs and we noticed that 2 were not working.  We turned these off and on.  Then one disc disappeared off the system?  I decided to turn off and on the hub connected to the router, the light on the disc went purple and stayed purple.  I reset the router, still the light on the disc connected to the router stayed purple.

I left it over night, changed the ethernet cable and turned the hub connected to the router off and on again.  The light on it has remained purple.  I tried to plug a different disc into the hub and that too went purple.

Please can someone help!

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Re: BT Whole Home WiFi - Solid purple light

Hi @Lawlost, welcome to the forum and sorry you are having a problem with your Whole Home Wifi (WHW) set up.

It's best to get in touch with the Product helpdesk as they are best placed to help you with this. You can call on 0808 100 6116 (Mon to Fri 9am to 5.30pm and Sat 9am to 2pm) or drop them an email:


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