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BT Whole Home (original white) system - Can I connect an access point via ethernet to a slave disc

As in the title, Ive managed to do this with an old plusnet router converted to an access point, reason being to be able to have devices connect to 1 particular disc with no risk of connecting to another (weaker) disc. This worked well for a long time, but recently I started getting drop out issues with other stuff on the WholeHome network. I think i was getting Null and duplicate IP's sometimes from it. I have just changed to a similarly altered HH6, and as yet waiting to see how that works. Both ISP routers were set up as access points with info off here.

But in the process I tried to use a new TP Link TL-WR940N router / access point / repeater, in access point mode. While this worked initially it would then not let anything connect a bit later, even after a restart, basically telling me there was an IP issue


So im trying to take the internet from a slave disc, and give it a wifi address thats different from the Mesh. Is there something i'm doing right (to a point) with the ISP routers, but wrong with the TP Link, or is connecting an ethernet cabled access point to a slave disc not really destined to work 100% correctly





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