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BT Whole Home


I have just had Full Fibre installed - not BT, I had to go with the only provider offering the service.

I have gone for a 1Gbps service, and wired I cannot fault the service - I am getting a good 930+ Mbps, up and down with barely any ping.

Most of the devices that matter are connected up with wired ethernet.

But I would still like to see good performance on WiFi - and to be blunt, the wifi provision on the router is poor.

It claims to offer dual-band 300Mbps and 867Mbps but even right next to the router my 802.11ac devices only get between 150-300Mbps.  That is ample (but of course I would like to see more) but the range of the 5GHz in my house is abysmal so for reliable service we are using the 2.4GHz connection and we are down at speeds that we saw on our old copper-based service.

So I have been looking at BT Whole Home but before I buy I have a few questions

  1. I'm fortunate enough to have ethernet sockets around the house so I was thinking of connecting each disk up wired.  That way they have no need to talk to each other over WiFi - is that correct?  Would it be like connecting to a disk that is directly connected to the hub - doesn't have to relay the connection from disk to disk.
  2. If they are all connected using wired ethernet I assume that I don't have to have the first physically connected to the Router(Hub) - i.e. sat adjacent to it.
  3. If I am connecting them like this I can't see any benefit for Premium over Standard as the Premium only adds a faster WiFi for the disks to talk to each other - is that correct
  4. I hadn't really considered minis but that makes me think whether there is any value for the Standard over the Mini in my case
  5. Have there been different versions of the Standard Whole Home.  I will probably buy new anyway, but I have seen plenty used ones for say but I unsure whether they could be old versions.

Many thanks for the help,


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