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Re: BT broadband slowing at peak times

Just reply to mods and they will be able to check your exchange and cab for possible congestion I would ignore CS now

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Re: BT broadband slowing at peak times

@danbarker1  it is pointless contacting CS, they cannot see congestion with the tools they have. There is no such thing as a 'Hub refresh' on VDSL. If you want to change wireless channels you can do so yourself.

As @imjolly  says, just reply to the mods.

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Re: BT broadband slowing at peak times

As an update to others following this thread.  One of the mods contacted me today and was very helpful letting me know that tests on line continue to suggest no issue and to try and rule out any local issues.  We discussed my setup and tonight took out everything wifi related to try and see if something is conflicting. 

I found a promising number of posts on Sky Q earlier today which appears to be a common issue with conflicts caused by the mesh system and that hardwiring the Q box and turning off the 2.4Ghz bands looks to resolve a large number of issues.  Many are reporting that turning off the Q and mini boxes resolves the issue before you spend time on the proposed fix.

Unfortunately for me the issue remains unresolved with everying wifi related turned off I still got between 20-30Mbps over ethernet this evening so am convinced there is a congestion issue.  Mod is contacting me on 24th so will post an update on progress and next steps as I am seeing a number of these posts with other ISP's.


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Re: BT broadband slowing at peak times

Further update:  This is now with the network team to investigate.  I did receive an update that apparently its not congestion as the SVLAN I am connected to is apparently at 30% capacity and I shouldnt have a problem till it goes over 80%.  I must say, I am a tad confused by the terminology. Capacity suggests to me that there is 30% left rather than 70% but the search for the issue continues.  Will post again when next update has been received.


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Re: BT broadband slowing at peak times

30% capacity means 30% of total capacity is being used. Using your take of it 100% capacity would mean none was being used.

An analagy for you. I have a hotel with a hundred rooms. 30 of those rooms are occupied, my hotel is at 30% capacity and I have 70 rooms left.

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Re: BT broadband slowing at peak times

Thanks I was thinking about the capacity that could take load rather than something at full capacity being 100%
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Re: BT broadband slowing at peak times

For anyne following this and looking for similar solutions, frustratingly the issue remains ongoing.  Despite acknowledgement from BT that there is an issue, Openreach are refusing any remediation and now I am waiting for sufficient evidence to be gathered on other lines before anything will happen and have been told it could very likely be months before this is resolved.

Next week marks 8 weeks when I can raise with one of Ofcoms ADR's to try and get this escalated and resolved but unfortunately for anyone else facing this issue be prepared to dig in as its unlikely to be a quick resolution.  In the meantime I continue to be charged a premium rate for a premium service that isnt delivering and I am eligible for compensation but not until the issue concludes. 

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Re: BT broadband slowing at peak times

So having been through the ADR process with the ombudsman they found in my favour but it turns out they have no power over open reach so they awarded a gesture of goodwill but we are left to wait for open reach to fix with no proposed date to resolve...

I received an email about FTTP becoming available which I am hoping will resolve the issue but as it stands its impossible to actually get an order successfully placed with BT. I’ve had orders cancelled without explanation, no shows from engineers who claim the job has been completed and when an order was placed a third time I have to wait another 4 weeks for the next activation date.

Another complaint raised for the failed sales process and missed appointment but anyone in the same boat I’m sorry to say but it really looks like its virtually impossible to get this resolved and shows that the speed guarantee really is worthless given the monopoly open reach has over any sort of governing body.

I’ll provide an update if the FTTP ever gets installed.

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