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BT cloud mac app different from website description


I'm trying to setup the BT Cloud app on a macbook recently upgraded to the latest macos 11.0.1 Big Sure.

I'd like to upload a copy of my iTunes music collection to BT cloud. It's a one-off backup, I do not need any continuous backup or sync. Just a one-off upload of hundreds of music files.

Looking at the help pages here:



  • Make sure BT Cloud is set up on your PC or Mac. You'll also need to have iTunes installed, and for your music collection to be available in iTunes
  • Open the BT Cloud app, and go to Music
  • Click on Find Music. BT Cloud will connect to your iTunes music library, and display the music that's available to upload to BT Cloud. If you have a large music collection, it may take a few minutes to upload the entire library
  • Select the songs you want to upload, or tick the box next to Album to select everything, then click Start Upload
  • You can see the progress of your upload in the Transfers tab

Issue is, after installing BT cloud on my macbook I only get the little icon on the menu bar monitoring the backup/synch process and a configuration window.

After clicking the BT Cloud app, the configuration pages opens: I have nowhere to "go to Music".

Am I doing something wrong or is the documentation obsolete?


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Re: BT cloud mac app different from website description

Also looking here:

and I get nothing like the picture of the app with a “Music” tab and a “Find Music” button.

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Re: BT cloud mac app different from website description

In the dropdown window there should be a cogwheel. Click on that and it should open Preferences. Under Backup there should be Documents, Pictures and Desktop. Under these there should be a   +Folder. Clicking on that you should be able to navigate to your music. BTCloud does have a long history of not working too well with Macs! Fingers crossed.

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